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Architectural Review Committee


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Spas, Jacuzzi's and Sheds
Approved Home Colors
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The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is charged with the responsibility of reviewing and approving/denying homeowner's requests to make any changes to home exteriors. See Article VI of the Covenants for a list of the duties and responsibilities of the ARC. Article VII of the Covenants covers General Restrictions for Regency Place.
ARC Applications are required for projects that include but are not limited to the following examples:
                      fences                                               painting house (even the same color)
                      roofing                                              landscaping
                      pools                                                hot tubs
                      sheds                                               window and door replacements
                      screenings                                         painting driveways (even the same color)
Homeowners, please remember you must submit ARC applications and obtain approval before beginning work. For additional rules as voted by the board and posted on the bulletin board as well as this web site click here: Article VII Additional guidelines
Our Regency Place HOA ARC team currently consists of the following homeowners:
Jim Savory, Leroy Parker, and Peter Dempster
To submit a request to the ARC, completely fill out and submit two (2) copies of the ARC application. You can obtain a copy of the application by contacting any ARC member or you can download the ARC application by clicking the link below:
NOTE: Only ARC members can accept your application and give you a receipt. You should keep your certified mail receipt or hand-delivery receipt as proof of the date you submitted your application. By Florida law, your ARC application must be answered within 30 days. If you do not hear from the ARC by the end of that 30-day period, your application is automatically approved.

Spas, Jacuzzi's and Sheds in Regency Place
The ARC committee advises you will need permits for the following:
1) Installation of a spa or Jacuzzi (hot tub) – outside of the house and greater than 2 feet in depth. Polk County will tell you all the requirements. General requirements are: needing a fence, latched screen door, approved covers with a lock and etc. A permit is required for both above or below ground.
2) Installation of sheds temporary or permanent – Polk County will tell you sheds need to be anchored down. General requirements are: type of roofing material, anchor-down materials, size of shed, location and etc. The location will be at the back of the house and within the setback lines on the property.
If you have a shed, spa or Jacuzzi without a permit, please obtain an applicable permit to avoid any fines or violations from Polk County. For information call Polk County Code Enforcement at 863-534-6054 and ask for the Building Department.

Regency Place Home Colors
There are forty (40) different approved home color schemes (all trim colors are a shade of white) and five (5) driveway colors for Regency Place. 
All 40 colors are now displayed in the ARC Bulletin Board located at the pool. 
You can use the following samples to look at the approved home colors
(driveway colors are shown at the bottom of the page). 
Please be aware that the actual color shown here may be slightly
different than the colors shown in the official color book.

Regency Place ROOF Colors