Regency Place Homeowner's Association
            170 Lady Diana Drive, Davenport Florida 33837                             863.420.7799

Welcome to Regency Place!

Welcome to the official home on the World Wide Web for Regency Place Homeowners in Davenport, Florida.  This website is designed with the intention to open the lines of communication between homeowners, neighbors and the Board of Directors. Please use this website as your first line of communication in getting the answers to your questions from the Board of Directors.

This website is updated frequently with new information for both homeowners and future Regency Place homeowners. Please take your time and explore this new Internet home for the Regency Place HOA.

Happy surfing!

- Your Regency Place HOA Board of Directors

If any Regency Place homeowner/resident experiences a problem with this website or any of its links, please drop a note to Gene Wilson in the HOA Drop Box (postage not required) detailing your problem. Be sure to leave your name and a preferred method for Gene to contact you.

Regency Place Board of Directors

President: Burt Johnson
Vice President: John Rigg
Secretary/Treasurer: Sheri Wilson
Directors: Maxine Parker, Nancy Mitchell, Barbara Dempter, Brack Dodd and Chuck Holland
To find out more about the Board of Directors click here.

How to Contact the Board of Directors
Feel free to use any of the following methods to contact the Board of Directors.
• Regency Place Board Meetings
  • (6:30pm on the 17th of each month at the pool unless otherwise posted by sign and bulletin board)
• Regency Place website
• Drop Box at pool parking lot
  • (note: does not need postage)
• Phone: 863.420.7799
  • (messages received are answered within 48 hours)

Mailing Address

Any mailings meant for the Regency Place Homeowner's Association, Inc. should go to the following mailing address:

170 Lady Diana Drive
Davenport, Florida

Regency Place Email List

Click here to join the Regency Place email list. By joining the list you will receive all meeting agendas and general information in your email every month instead of being delivered through the Post Office. Receiving this information by email saves our community money in postage and office supplies.

Submit a written authorization to receive community news and agendas by email. Fill out form on Homeowner's Only tab and drop in HOA box at pool parking lot at curb OR you may email the secretary with your request.


The HOA Board of Directors meets at the Community Pool at 6:30pm on the 17th of each month unless otherwise posted. The next HOA Board of Directors meeting will be held on Thursday, October 17, 2019 at the Community Pool. The agenda the for the October meeting can be read here.
To be announced.

Pickup for garbage is on Mondays. Recycling and yard waste pickup on Fridays. All pickups are delayed one day if there is a Federal holiday in that week.


The Community Pool is open daily from 8 am to dusk. The pool is closed at 6 pm when the HOA Board meets.


Article VII Section 30 - Additional Rules and Regulations  - The Association or Board of Directors may, from time to time, adopt rules and regulations relating to any one or all of the restrictive covenants contained in this Declamation. No Owner, its successors or assigns, tenants, lessees, renters, guests or invitees shall violate the rules and regulations adopted from time to time by the Association or the Board of Directors, whether relating to the use of the Lots, the use of the Common Area, or otherwise. Copy of these rules are available here.