Regency Place Homeowner's Association
            170 Lady Diana Drive, Davenport Florida 33837                             863.420.7799
Homeowners Only
Welcome to your Regency Place (RP) Homeowners Only webpage. Here RP homeowners will find secure documents meant only for them. These documents include the Covenants and By-Laws of the Regency Place Homeowners Association, Inc. as well as the Annual Budgets. In addition, you can obtain these and other forms from the Secretary of the Board of Director's ( 
Please help secure the privacy of your Regency Place Homeowners Association by protecting the safeguards used to secure these documents. Thank you for your cooperation.

Homeowner Forms
This form is to be used by homeowners who rent out their house in Regency Place to keep HOA records current. Also, information will be used by the HOA to provide renters with a line of communication with the HOA.
Use this form to request permission to park in the pool lot overnight. Return it to your HOA mailbox at the pool.
Use this form to change your mailing address for any mailings from your HOA.
Fill out and return this form if you wish to receive the HOA Monthly meeting agenda notice by mail. The agenda is available by email and is also posted on the bulletin board at the Community Pool.
Completing this form permits the BOD to send any information that is NOT of a legal or dues-related nature to your email address. This form must be filled out completely and signed by the homeowner. Any meeting or event notices will be sent through email instead of USPS, thus saving your HOA money spent on postage. Thank you for your cooperation.
The Appeals Committee is in charge of deciding whether or not to enforce special assessments on a case by case basis. You may schedule a hearing by mailing or placing a sealed written request to the Appeals Committee in the HOA drop box – Attention: Appeals Committee. You have the right to schedule a hearing with the Appeals Committee per Florida Statute 720.305.2a and Regency Place HOA Article V Section 7b within fourteen (14) days of notice of special assessment. (A special assessment is money required of you should the board impose one against you.)
Political signs may be put up for a two week duration after approval by using this form.

 Homeowner Documents